The Perfect Man…

Classy like Sebastian Michaelis.. im sorry, but a man with class is attractive in his own right, theres just something about the way Sebastian carries himself



Clean like Levi Ackerman. I’m pretty much a neat freak, I love things clean and organised,  Levi is a perfect example of a clean man, plus he’s short, so am I 😉




Dominant like Hijikata Toshizo, a man isnt a man if doesnt take the rails often, yes men and women should be treated as equals, but I’m a little old fashioned. I like my men taking charge and taking the lead, making decisions and using their brains.



Smart like L… I personally find intellectual men quite attractive,  lets face it, I don’t really want to make a conversation with a person who doesnt have a clue as to what I’m talking about. I like to learn new things and to find out things I don’t know about.




Stable like Tomoya Okazaki, every woman wants to get married and have children one day, we need that sense of stability,  we’re just needy like that, LOL



Attractive like Takumi Usui,  be real, you have to be attracted to someone,  I don’t want to sound shallow, but for me looks matter, if im not attracted to someone,  I don’t think I’d get to know them on THAT level 🙂 but personality also matters..



Loyal and funny like Natsu, loyalty is really important to me,  I want to be able to trust a person. Also someone who is able to make me laugh and put a smile on my face is really attractive 🙂



Strong like Saitama, who wouldnt love a man who’s that strong,  being able to defend yourself is definitely a plus 🙂




Okay.. maybe I got a tad bit carried away, but thats just me. If only real men were like the ones in anime or manga, the world would be such a great place to live in 😀