Anime Cliché’s…

Cherry Blossoms


“Hmm, this scene is missing something, oh I know lets just add a cherry blossom tree in the background”, is probably what the creators of an anime series would say.


The window seat is reserved for the main protagonist


You’ll always be able to find out the importance of a character,  the closer they sit to the window. Thats rule 101 of anime.


Where are the parents?

Uzumaki_Kushina n Minato (2)

Most of the time, the parents are dead or out of town. House party at mine anyone?


Dramatic Nosebleeds


With the amout of blood they loose you’d think it would be impossible to survive.  Good thing I always carry tissues in my handbag 🙂


The Hot Springs



This isnt even a bad thing, lol.




Ive got to give some fillers credit, due to the fact they are either funny or entertaining.  But some are absolutely pointless!!


Transfer Students


A transfer student strolls in.. you know something is going to go down.


Hairstyle Of Doom


Ladies.. If you tie your hair to the side, theres a 99.9% your going to be eaten by a titan or die. Men take note!


The return of the childhood friend..


So you have a love interest, then all of a sudden a friend from the past returns into your life, she/ he confesses her love for you.. oh come on,  you played together a few times, maybe looked after an egg together, or even said you’ll marry each other too.. ehh well where have you been the past 10 years of my life? But dont worry, I’ll ignore the current girl/ boy I have strong feelings for, just for you, since we climbed trees together when we were younger… frustrating much?

Let me know if you feel like these scenarios are overused, maybe you know of others, it would be great if you’d share what you think:)