Monsters In Human Clothing..

Recently we have come across anime series, which involves the main protagonists becoming some sort of monsters, well that’s what others about them think. Where as I, on the other hand feel as if they were either at the wrong place at the wrong time, or they just have some rotten luck. I actually feel sorry for them, they didn’t choose to become what they became, but I guess its all for a good story. So I decided to list down all those poor souls who’s human forms were snatched away from them.


Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


Kaneki was a shy, gentle and appears to be a optimistic person. He usually spent his time reading books (novels). Due to his lack of assertiveness, he would find himself getting bullied or taken advantage of.

Kaneki and Hide listened to the news about the ghoul attacks while in Anteiku. Hide then wondered if Touka was Kaneki’s crush, he denied this and pointed at Rize. Once Hide left, he arranged a date with Rize. However, it is revealed that Rize herself is a ghoul, she lures Kaneki into an isolated alley, and attacks him. During the attack, Kaneki was pierced through the abdomen by her kagune. but before she could finish devouring him, she is struck by a steel beams that crush her. In order to save his life, Dr Kanou decided to transplant Rize’s organs into him. He then became half human, half ghoul.

A clear example of someone who had no choice in this matter, a date with a pretty woman ended with horrific results.



Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)


After he’s mother was eaten by a titan, he vowed he would kill all titans. He is introduced as a hot headed 10 year old, with dreams of exploring the world beyond the wall and joining the survey corps. Following the fall of Shingashina, Eren has a brief encounter with his father, who give him a key to the basement of their house, he also injects a mysterious liquid into him.

During a mission, when the titans breach the wall, Eren is swallowed by a titan, sacrificing himself to save his friend, Armin. Later on however, a titan emerges out of the titan that swallowed Eren. 15 meters tall, this titan starts attacking other titans, ignoring all the humans. After the titan collapses, Eren’s body is exposed, unconscious attached to the back of the neck.

A sad case really, he became something he hated. What can be worse than that?



Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight)


Zero was born into a family of vampire hunters. Zero and his twin brother trained together by a man named Toga, he looked after the boys when their parents were out hunting. Four years ago, zero and his twin brother found a woman named Shizuka Hio sitting in a tree. Zero instantly new she was a vampire, he told his brother to stay away from her. A couple of days later, Shizuka attacked the family, killing their parents, and biting Zero. Being bitten meant he would turn into a vampire.

He was a trained vampire hunter, who would protect humans from being attacked by them, yet unfortunately, he ended up becoming one.



Shinichi Izumi (Parasyte: The Maxim) 


The story starts of with Shinichi, lying on his bed, with his ear plugs on. A parasite enters his room, and attempts to take over his brain. It crawls into his arm, by this time Shinichi takes of his ear plugs, and wraps the wire around his arm tight enough so that the parasite will stop advancing. When he encounters the parasite again, he is shocked and horrified to find out that his right arm was eaten and replaced by the parasite. After the death of his mother, who was killed by a parasite, and killing him while he gets attacked in his house, being stabbed through the heart, (Migi saving him), he harbours hatred towards the parasites.



I feel like these characters did nothing wrong, its just that fate had something else planned for them. Each of these characters when through something traumatic, but they grew as people, learned how to still try and be themselves 🙂