Anime 教授

こんにちは 🙂

The names Mi (美) …  I’m just your average person, living my life just like all you folks, I work a 9 to 5 job,  I pay bills, eat and sleep. On the outside I look like your ordinary human being, but I have a deep dark secret,  I’m TOTALLY OBSESSED with Anime & Manga!

I’ve come out the closet as being a Anime freak to my mum, which by the way she had no idea of what anime was, she looked worried, she asked me if I needed to go for a medical check up as she thought it was some sort of illness. LOL!

I explained that it was nothing for her to worry about, I then told her its a style of animation originated and heavily centered  in Japan. Her reaction was: “Oh you mean cartoons?”… eh no!

Being a 90’s child, My passion for Anime started in the late 90’s. I wandered into the world of sailor moon. I thought “wow”!

I later discovered Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Yu- Gi- Oh and others.

Alas, as I got older, the world of anime was long forgotten, until November 2013, my mum bought up the past, she said, “Do you remember when you were younger, you used to watch a cartoon called sailor eh.. something?”

“Sailor Moon”.. my memories of all the times I sat in front of the T.V, for hours on end watching the series flooded my brain. That very night I went on to my phone and typed in Sailor Moon, there it was, I watched the whole series in less than two months. That was when my thirst for more anime started.





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